RS3 Tell me what you think - Jesse's 1 month Progess

Discussion in 'Goals' started by Jesse, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. 1 month progress from scratch

    Thanks @Thunderkill for the bond to keep me going for another two weeks

  2. Wow! All that in 1 month? Nice man! Is it fully botted or did you do some legit?
  3. Yeah that's pretty impressive. Which bots did you use? How often etc?
  5. 93 fishing + 91 rc + 96 mage + 99 fletch in 1 month? Lol that isn't possible.
  6. It is possible. In fact you can get 120 fletching in 1 month. Which I am doing right now.
  7. Dun ignore me bish
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  8. Oh, wow that is really really nice jesse! I did not know you're THIS hardcore :D
  9. Maybe 99 fletching in a month. I've been playing runescape since '01, i know how long it takes to get levels and there is just no way this only took a month.
  10. I've gotten 1-99 fletching in 3 days. Your statement is invalid.
  11. You just took like the fastest skill and said that you can get it to 99 in 3 days. Of course you can, but can you get ALL those skills @Jesse has in a month? Like 93 fishing?
  12. It's definitely possible. Whether he's stretching the truth or not, I cannot say. I believe him though.
  13. It is possible, if @Jesse got it. Yes
  14. Really nice account there
  15. Yes yes yes!
  16. Damn son. Really impressive!
  17. Lets break this down. From 1-70 we will say theres an average of 40k xp/ hour level 70 is 737,627k so thats about 18.5 hours. From 70-99 lets say 120k xp/h average at about 12.3m xp would be 102.5 hours. So at a total of 121 hours, that would be five days minimum, 24 hours a day.
  18. Now imagine if he had bonus exp and worked on fletching during DXP Weekend?
  19. Then what a waste of double xp :p But valid point..
    On topic: Impressed by OP, although i know it took more than a month, still a nice account for being so young.
  20. 30 days 24/7.

    with crashes.

    No idea why people doubt you all know how good runemate is.

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