Resolved Temporary fix for "the dead mouse"

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Defeat3d, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Close your client, go to C:\Users\"Your user"\RuneMate and remove the *.rm files. Mouse should be alive the next time you launch the client.

    Important note: To help prevent the dead mouse from occuring, try restarting the client without removing the files, see if that fixes it, then remove the files and try again. Report the results here or report them to @Cloud and/or @Arbiter so they can resolve it. :)

  2. And if you don't have Ebola, zip-up those deleted files, and send them to @Cloud or @Arbiter .
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  3. Can someone verify whether or not the issue is now fixed?
  4. After deleting the files it is temporarily fixed, but after a few runs the problem occurs again and I had to remove the files again.
  5. This issue should now be permanently resolved.
  6. soon Ram :)
  7. I still have the problem. I even deleted the RuneMate folder
  8. Than the issue lies at a different source, what exactly is happening for you?
  9. Camera movements, paint and such are working, only the mouse does literally nothing.

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