TenCurlyRoots 1.2.0

Chops and Burns Curly roots in Karamja

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    TenCurlyRoots - Chops and Burns Curly roots in Karamja

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  2. FIRST!!
  3. Rest in piece poor main account.
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  4. I loved him like a son.
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  5. No sentimentality in my topic, stop crying slechte kool @EvilCabbage
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  6. Bug: after collecting from 1 curly root, it starts burning them, instead of filling a full inventory with curly roots.
  7. Is getting looked into right now
  8. A lot of miss clicks, trying to click under the jade instead of clicking on the jade.
  9. Works a bit better after 1.2.0 update but still a lot of miss clicks, straight root cutting, mob attacking, waiting to long between clicks, doesn't drop items if it accidentally picks up items, roots etc.
  10. Hi, this currently doesnt burn the roots after collecting a full inventory, I have to manually walk to the firepit before it does anything. Everything else works great though, good job!
  11. What exp rates should I expect from this?
  12. Rswiki: 340k/h fm and around 30k/h wc

    It's not really worth it without inferno adze though.
  13. ty
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  14. The bot will cut roots and burn them for the first time, then after it burns a full inventory of roots, it will chop again. But will not burn the 2nd inventory of roots. That is the only problem I'm having with the bot.

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