TenDungeon BETA 0.1.0

F1-11 C1-6, report all bugs to topic

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    TenDungeon BETA - F1-11 C1-6, report all bugs to topic

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  2. <3 mate will test tomorrowzzz
  3. Pushed a fix for a bunch of bugs, waiting for approval. I'm doing some more test runs from 1-11 straight and if they succeed I will start on implementing higher complexities :)
  4. Good luck
  5. Still waiting for approval after 14hrs, then I'm gonna need some testers ;)
  6. Awhhh shit the hype is real.
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  7. @Hazard it struggles to pick up and identify food, the mouse movement is really really jerky and once I stopped the bot it just started spinning the camera and I had to shut down the bot because I couldn't stop it.

    Just what Ive picked up on for running it for a minute
  8. It doesn't pickup food because it's c1 so no food is required, I'll add that in the c6 version.
    I know about the mouse, working on it ;)
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  9. I think dung is an epic 99, and would love to see someone (or me) achieve that using runemate. GL on coding.
  10. Thanks, I'm working on a new version :)
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  12. What's in this update?
  13. It broke :( Keeps clicking ground. Just a quick fix will do ;)

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