TenElfThiever 1.5.1

Pickpockets elf clans in Prifddinas, Abyssal lurker support

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    TenElfThiever - Pickpockets elf clans in Prifddinas, Abyssal lurker support

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  2. Testing this shit now!!!

    Edit: How do I help you collect data? The big xp clans deserve some support too ;)

    Edit2: Seems to teleport to the Elf City lodestone, then opens the teleport map again and when that map is open it tries to click through it, when it just tries to navigate to the next clan.
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  3. Nice release my friend! :D
  4. Congratulations Hazard. :)
  5. I'm working on the walking thing.

    I'll send you a pm in about 20 mins(then I stop studying for today) with how you can help me :)
  6. Alright don't rush it, I got exams too :)
  7. Waiting for your data to add it :)
    Walking is fixed, update pushed to the store and waiting for approval :)
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  9. Managed to die, dont know how lol.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Man, I wish I could test this out since it sounds promising. 86-91 Thieving legitimately is a real grind tho :p
  12. Problems:
    - When caught it continually clicks the same elf until they are able to be pickpocketed again. (Individual strike not 3 strikes)
    - Code out the hefin agility course bank, when its full and 3 strikes it gets stuck there because its not able to tele out of the area in hefin agility.
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  13. Probably misclicked on a cadarn/iorwerth mage/ranger, misclicks may occur and I can't do anything about this :/ I'll try to implement death handling.
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    I am aware of this problem and have just thought of a fix, it will be pushed to the bot store when I fix the Hefin banking.

    That was something I did not take into account, thanks alot for reporting this!
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  15. You should state in the OP that you have to have your home tele set to the normal one. I used the dragon tele and it spammed the teleport. Probably because the animation takes longer.

    And its still continually trying to pickpocket ones that have noticed.
  16. Both bugs have been fixed, new version is pushed to the store and should be approved soon :)
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