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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Hazard, Jun 12, 2015.

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  1. Currently it just clicks fetch from bank from butler and does nothing.
  2. Read start post for instructions
  3. Running for ten minutes now and no problems. works perfectly =]
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  4. It's a bit slow at this moment but I'm working on it in between my exams ;)
  5. Butlers can unnnote items? :O
  6. jup :p just use the noted planks on them ;)
  7. Only planks, yes
  8. Is it quicker than fetching from the bank?
  9. It's the same speed I think.

    Thanks. The start post was empty when I tried to use it ;)
  10. Same speed, I just think that it's more practical since you can see how many planks left ;)
  11. Fair enough, although I'm sure implementing both methods wouldn't be out of your reach :D
  12. True that ;)
  13. If the script bot misclicks... ya, it doesnt do anything when it misclicks, just sits there.

    EDIT: I also noticed something else. Once it clicked on the larder while it was being removed. But the larder had not been fully removed, so the option came to search the larder. Then the larder was gone. So it was stuck on that. (its difficult to explain.)
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  14. Still a beta 0.0.1, working on it tonight when I've finished studying
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  15. dude you are my hero
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  16. Hi, I havent tried this yet but i will be able to do it tomorrow! ill post a proggy aswell then. But i was wondering if you will ever add a mahogny table option to it.
    Just letting you know that theres a demand on them :D thx and looking forward to use this!
  17. Currently in exams so probably it contains some bugs, sorry for that :p
    Making AIO construct friday or next week
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  18. Good luck on your exams. Good idea! GL :)
  19. Keeps on clicking 'remove' without actually pressing 1
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