TenSeren 1.2.2

Mines Seren stone and Smelts Corrupted ore in Prifddinas(Trahaearn)

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    TenSeren - Mines Seren stone and Smelts Corrupted ore in Prifddinas(Trahaearn)

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  2. Looking good. Would be nice to have an xp/hr though. :) And some camera movements.
  3. Working on improving everything before my exams start ;)
  4. Yay :D Good luck bro. will defo use when it's got a little more features, im sure tons others will to
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    Also. Last thing. the mouse doesn't change position on the rocks. it's literally the same spot every time, if you could randomise it, this would be a great bot.
  5. Thats how I afk them legit aswell :D anyways Ill look into it this afternoon
  6. Im still struggling at 71 mining, should I mine iron till 80, then use your lrc script bot till 89 or whatever you need to run this script bot? Is this the method that gives about 130k exp/h?
  7. Seren stones does give great XP yeah. but you need the quest 'the plagues end' to be able to get there
  8. Try mining granite until 77, then LRC coal to 80, then LRC gold to 89 and then this, beware that you need to have completed the Plagues End quest to access Seren stones.
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    Added update: script bot will wait a random amount of seconds before clicking the rock once it has stopped mining, this to prevent bans.
  9. I know about the quest, I just need agility and mining to have all the requirements. :)
    Too bad there is no script bot for granite though, getting like 25-30k exp/h with iron kinda sucks. :(
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  11. could you add familar support too please? :)
  12. You mean obsidian golems/lava titans? I could yes, but I'm in the middle of exams now.. maybe tomorrow if I have time, it's a small update afterall
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  13. Still no fix.
  14. Well it has mined for 10 hours here while I was at school.. could you pm me your teamviewer info?
  15. I like the bot so far, good make.
    Although I have noticed that it wants to click every 2-3 seconds on the stone while I am still mining it. It'll do that for a few minutes, then stop.

    EDIT: After a few hours, the bot has stopped a few times with the notification "start script bot near seren stones." Which is odd, because for it to work prior I would have to be near the stones.
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  16. I have seen others experiencing that bug too, I will look into it.

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