TenSudoku 1.0.0

Solves RuneSudokus for money

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  2. Nice! Whats the money phr like?
  3. No clue at all xd
  4. Should have made for OSRS, at least I know they changed Sudoku in RS3 to match more of GE prices or something like that. If they didn't modify it in OSRS, and street prices are the same are the same as they were a while back, this method actually is a very very high moneymaking method (especially for OSRS) that usually people like to claim is pretty secret like (#SpoilingTheBeans). (This being said, thats if OSRS rune street prices are still decently good)
  5. Haven't got an OSRS acc so can't test it :/
  6. I remember the ban rates :p
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  7. this bot does not work at all for me nothing happends! plz fix
  8. Bot broken

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