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  1. Hello my fellow botting friends, I'm writting this thread, to inform you about my permanent ban (major macroing offence) on Rsos. I was using Aiddens Woodcutting script bot (which i don't blame for the ban at all), and botted on average 4 hours daily for the last 12 days. I did babysit the bot for quite a lot of the botted time and it seemd to work out ok (nothing special, a lot of crashing, but for the bots these days it was pretty good i guess). In the botted time i achieved 78 Wcing and stored around 5k willows, 9k maples and 2.5k yews. The problem was created to test the botting conditions these days, and i must say 12 days is the quickest time the banhammer has even got me untill this day. Keep in mind that i moved and botted on a fresh IP, since my banned accounts were botted on my old IP, from a different country aproximetly 2 years ago. I tried to write an appeal, and upon interest i can post it in the forum, I don't however think the appeal stands any chance of getting approved, since mostly they don't even get read. I hope this thread helped some of the people thinking about botting, with the decisions they'll make for their bots. I would personally not reccomend botting over 2-4 hours daily!
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  2. Alright. Thanks for your report. Was this done on a fresh account? And was Woodcutting the only skill trained on this account and did you do any 'legit' activities or did you go straight to botting? If you could fill me in on those two that would be great.
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  3. I personally think OSRS has much higher ban rates than Rs3... I've been botting both, rs3 and osrs, and i got a quicker bann on osrs ( after 3 months), than doing RS3 (was botting for over a year, still not banned)... And i wasn't using runemate.. This month, i was botting 10 hours a day, every single day, and i still dont have a ban. And i think osrs has more ban waves, not sure tho
  4. Hey there, if my script bot was crashing please leave the full details on my thread so i can resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks
  5. I got banned using that woodcutting script bot aswell.
  6. I trained all skills to aprox. level 40 by hand, just botted wcing, the account was a fresh one and had membership from the day it was created and also did a fair amount of quests.
    @Aidden I reported the issues and they seemed fixed, untill runescape got updated, but most of the time it crashed, because the account stood in the bank with full inv. of logs and didn't bank or move for long enough to get logged out, than the login handler wasn't able to go past the login screen (reffering to as the part of your login, where your remaining membership days, you messages, etc. are displayed). If the login handler did log back in correctly, the script bot working perfectly for 3-5 hours and then it broke down due to the same issue as described before,
    I have quite a lot of experience with botting (botted an almost maxed main, a rune pure and an mage boxer) in RS3 in the time span from 2010 to late 2012, when i quit runescape. I've never before gotten an infraction ( warning) or whatsoever on any other accounts i botted. This is a nice example of the measurement Jagex started taking against botters. I think the ban could be a result of a) outdated methods of botting or b) player reports. However option b) seems less likely to me, since I've babysat the bot for most of the time botted.
    In no way do I think that Aidden, the programer of the script bot, or the runemate client itself are the reason for the ban. I knew what i was doing, when i ran the bot and i knew something like this could/will happen eventually. As previously stated this account was just a Test account, my wish was to get some further inside into the mechanics Jagexs is using to recognise and ban bots. I'd have some more questions about the runemate client, since I'm interested in writting some scripts bots of my own and would be very greatful, if someone could link me to the person, I may ask for further information.
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  7. Thank you for your reply.
  8. Thanks for the detailed response. Is my script bot trying to interact with a bank booth that's in a different lane? If that's the case it should be fairly simple to fix. As for the login handler, is the login handler staying active when it gets stuck in the lobby (Screen overlayed with a green color?)?
    If you wish to learn more about the client you should speak with cloud, arbiter for the website and any scripters, cloud or arbiter for scripting.
  9. Lol you told me you were fixing that like a week ago when i got perma banned on the other acc..
  10. Dude runescape gets updated every few days. RuneMate gets updated every few days / weeks. Api changes. Its not like if you fix it once it will work forever. As you know RM is still in beta. Thats why updates and fixes.

  11. I said i'd fix it soon or that i didn't know when i'd have time. I'm in the middle of exams. Those are a little more important than me updating my scripts bots on a client that isn't yet fully released. Just be patient.
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