Thanks Runemate You guys are awesome

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  1. Thanks for the help runemate your guys are fucking legends.
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  2. Fixed your images for you. The imgur album link isn't an image and that's why you were getting the red x. You need to click the image button and use the image address for each image.
  3. This is what i keep getting sir
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  4. Because you're copying the imgur page address, not the image address. Right click the image and choose copy image address.
  5. Got it I feel so stupid I am sorry sir
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  6. How many hours do you bot each day on 1 account :O ?
    Awesome Stats Btw ^^
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  7. In all honesty I bot 24/7 I am the woodcutting Botting king. I run a huge gold farm for myself
  8. Awesome!
    Well good luck with your progress :D!
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  9. Thank you, I have almost 20 accounts with at least 80wc thanks to PI Chopper.
  10. Sir, at least next time hover some other stats that you don't want to mention to avoid getting jagex onto you.
  11. Got it to level 3 wc on TTI Before I started botting right off the island and I must say this bot is epic.


    2 day Life is great running the farm.


    2nd account to 80 in 2 days, just moments away at 889xp to go.
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  12. Do you want to get banned?
    Because that is how you get banned.
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  13. no i Don't want to get banned.
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  14. 76 levels in one run?
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  15. Yes, I had to stop the bot and restart so to be 100% Real with you, had the bot not glitched we would have been 100% one way
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  16. How long was that runtime? lol
  17. You mean the firs time I ran it about 9-10 Hours, I bot woodcutting about 17 hours a day. daily with no issues
  18. Holy fuck
    Teach me, teach me your ways
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  19. 1-60 f2p then throw a bond on it 1-60 f2p until 70wc then do yews until 75, then magics :) Cheers and goodluck.
  20. The bonds you get from banking the logs?

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