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Discussion in 'RS3' started by erickho123, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. I just wanted to thank the developers of RuneMate for providing an excellent client that gave me rarely any troubles while using my automated bond service. Thanks to RuneMate, I was able to sell ~1300 bonds with minimal effort. I was able to run my account for over 3 months+ and not a single ban. However, due to bonds being added to OSRS soon this march, I've decided to shut down that service. I am a developer myself, and I know how it is when people leech / do not post feedback, it isn't very nice (especially if you're offering a free service). However due to my current situation, it is crucial that I do not spend too much time on here. I still plan on using RuneMate for my upcoming RS3 projects (private only, of course), and once again just wanted to give my thanks to the developers for creating a client capable of what I need. Keep up the good work @Arbiter & @Cloud.
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  3. Glad to hear we could help your business. Donations are always welcome since, as you said, we are offering a free service.
  4. You're such a combo-breaker :(
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