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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by alkimista, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Guys speaking with scripters i saw a very big disorganizzation: red, dog, e fraz working all on Dg scripts bots while there are so many scripts bots that need to be completed or that Runemate need to find new customers.

    So this post is only for scripters, write down below what are u working on atm, your scripts bots finished, if they work complitely or they need an update. Thank you

    What i've done: name script bot, working, knowed bug
    what i'm working on:
    what i would like to script bot:
  2. They can pick any script bot they wish to work on and they picked that.
  3. What i've done: Bounds Editor and Area Maker, both working and both developer tools
    what i'm working on:
    I was working on an auto fighter but due to bot's incompatibility with linux I'm waiting until admins fix that bug
    what i would like to script bot: Still wanna make a barbarian assault minigame script bot
  4. What i've done: CP Fisher, Firemaker and Wine Grabber
    what i'm working on: Improving current bots, especially CP Fisher
    what i would like to script bot: In the future a chaos dward battlefield bot

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