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  1. The Coding Chronicles - for a Newb, by a Newb
    A collection of in-depth articles aimed at the new and aspiring Bot Author.

    RuneMate, the perfect environment for aspiring Bot Authors. This community offers these individuals a near-unique environment from which to leverage the start of their coding career. The concept can seem daunting at first, especially if you don't come from a particularly computer-orientated background, and it can be difficult to get involved with initially. Because of this, my goal in this series, through the act of assisting new developers, I can encourage others to do the same. I had a great deal of help when I started coding not so long ago, and I'd like to pass on the information I've been given so others can get involved too.

    In this series, I will attempt to bridge the gap between the ever-daunting nothingness and your first bot release! Each Chapter will be released in a separate thread, with this thread acting as your index. This allows questions or comments the reader may have to be asked in the appropriate location.


    A brief chapter about me and my background.

    -Chapter One: Ready, Set, Go!
    Setting up IntelliJ for use with RuneMate Spectre.

    -Chapter Two: Hello, World!
    Creating your very first Spectre-compatible bot.
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  2. Great start! The writing is very clear and precise.

    Cant wait for more!
  3. Highly recommend this to any one else who is just getting started. It's very clear, but doesn't get lost in the details. A great all-in-one place to start.
  4. thank you for taking the time to compile these pdfs for us. looking forward to the next update!
  5. Can't wait for part 3 :)
  6. Yeah I've been busy this week - will make Part 3 at some point next week :)
  7. Wow, you procrastinating already?
  8. I have read through both parts and it blows my mind how you guys code multi-scripted bots ( I thought it sounded was easier than it actually is) ;)
    Hoping for a Part 3 soon Party <3
  9. Hey guys, I'd like to know which bot you'd like to see made as part of this series. It would be very simple and easy to follow through the design process.

    I was thinking of maybe doing two:
    1. LoopingScript - PowerMiner
    2. TaskScript - PowerChopper
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  10. I'd say power miner
  11. id have to agree with kyler, power miner please :D
  12. Power miner please
  13. Yea, been waiting a while! Looking forward to it!
  14. I'M LAZY OK
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  15. Could you update this some more :) @Party
  16. @Party parrrrttyyy. Lets get some more tuts* Bring more authors to runemate!
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  17. @Party Would really love more of this series.
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