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    The Coding Chronicles – for a Newb, by a Newb

    About me
    My name is Party, previously PartyShanked. I joined the RuneScape botting scene many years ago, when I first started, colour bots were the only thing around. However, it wasn’t until ArbiBots started gaining popularity that I really started to become part of a botting community in a social manner. The launch of RSBuddy (back before it was a legitimate client) was a breath of fresh air for the botting community, and I tried to embrace that. I’d seen the RSBuddy community grow from scratch and I actually cared for it. I was promoted to Staff about a year after the initial launch, and spent most of my free time combing the forums and getting to know people.

    As the years passed I found that despite the fact that I had used most botting clients, I had never actually tried to code a bot myself. The idea was a little daunting, there was no motivation to just dive in and get on with it.

    Then came RuneMate.

    RuneMate, in my opinion, is the perfect sandboxed environment for new and aspiring bot developers. The tools available to developers are unlike any other site I have been a part of, and both Arbiter and Vaped (formerly Cloud) have done the incredible job of creating this environment where learning is encouraged.

    About this series
    I’d like to expand on the tools that I mentioned above. I’ve been coding for just under a month, and in that time I’ve released 7 bots (which can be found here), and set out the ground-work for several others. I feel like I’ve learned relatively quickly, having been assisted by some of the top coders on the site (primarily SlashNHax, Eagles13 and Arbiter), and I want to pass on what I have learned to you.

    In this article, I’ll be walking with you from the beginning, getting IntelliJ installed, right until the very end, where you’ll be pushing your first bot.

    If you have no previous experience with Java, like myself, I highly recommend that at the very least you read up on some of the basics. I also recommend that you watch the video tutorials provided by Eagles13, found here. Despite the fact that they are primarily aimed towards the old RuneMate client, the principles are very much the same.

    This guide will most likely differ in places, depending on your Operating System, but the basic concepts will remain the same.

    This thread is a branch of the index found at: Tutorial - The Coding Chronicles - for a Newb, by a Newb | Community | RuneMate

    Contained is the file: The Coding Chronicles - Foreword

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    Amazing thread, thanks!

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