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  1. Post your favourite music you listen to when coding here, if you don't listen to music while coding then.. don't post.

    Although some people may state that music distracts you, this is not true, you can write much faster if you listen to it :D

  2. I don't code, but I'll still post.
    I love dubstep/liquid dubstep/trap music.
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  3. Usually dubstep, occasionally hardstyle
  4. Various youtube channels like: MA Dubstep, UKF Dubstep, Trap Nation, Proximity, Monstercat etc etc..
  5. ftw.
  6. Daft Punk.

    Up-beat, aptly alive; but not too exciting. Just good to chill out with.

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  7. I started trying stuff like ODESZA, Flume, Hippie Sabotage and that kind of chill stuff recently and I quite like it when I code. Could keep going for days straight if I wanted to.

    Little more exciting:

    And finally the official Celestial Productions theme song:
  8. Hard rock, metal, classic rock.
  9. I listen to a variety of different styles while I'm coding, if anyone wants to try something different try some UK Hardcore

    Some DBZ
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  10. Purity Ring is my favorite artist, you might like them. I prefer their old album "Shrines" over their recent one as it has a darker vibe, the new album is a bit more poppy.

    old album

    new album
  11. Ohhh my dayum

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