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  1. So currently, the way the payment system works is that it takes the credits out when starting a new session, and then at the beginning of every other hour.

    While i havent cared about it till now, scripts bots are getting much more expensive than before (Yes, im talking about alpha ascensions). I personally have a lot of problems with my net, which randomly drops quite a bit, a lot of dc's etc, and when the net starts back up, i cannot relogin since it says that my current session has expired.

    This has happened to me multiple times with other less expensive scripts bots, and i honeslty have not cared at all, but the thing that really annoyed me was when i start Alpha ascension and the bot dcs in less than 10 mins. While i dont mind losing the cost of the script bot, i can imagine this happening a lot in the long run and getting extremely annoying.

    Could there be a solution to this? Could credits be deducted based on the total time you use a script bot, rather than it being deducted at the start of the hour.
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    any response?
  2. How long does your internet disconnect for? It shouldn't time out on our end for 15 minutes or so. If you're disconnecting for longer than that I would highly recommend exploring your internet options.
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    Regarding whether we can change our model or not, the short answer is unfortunately no. The current structure is industry standard for reasons I will skip for verbosity but would happily go into if you're interested.

    To account for issues like this we actually offer a grace period during the first hour that allows you to start and stop as many times as needed to make sure you get the bot configuration right. This does, however, require you're on the same client session i.e. you haven't restarted RuneMate.
  3. When i dc, a lot of times i cannot log back in since my game session ends and so i have to restart runemate. If i understand correctly, when i restart runemate it will deduct the cost again. Its not so much a problem with my net, than it is that my electricity goes out for a couple seconds a few times in the day.

    I guess im one of the few who would have this issue, and it might not matter as much. just wanted to know why the system is, the way it is
  4. Sounds like something that would be best solved with an RS client reload without a full RM client reload. Something that's been on the TODO anyway to support bypassing the 23 hour limit. @Cloud is this something we can put on the top of the stack after 1.1.0?
  5. That would be extremely useful!
  6. When I mistype and press the WIFi instead of my volume button, and then reconnect, I can login to rs but not start any scripts bots since Failed to extend session.

    So it doesn't matter for how long @ RM side
  7. That's damn near impossible and I'd have to see it reproduced live to believe it tbh. :p
  8. It's hard to do but I can try it and see. The classloader is my biggest concern at the moment.

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