The OSRS Ban thread

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  1. Hello fellow OSRS botters.

    After the banwave that has recently taken, and probably still is taking place as we speak, I personally havent used RuneMate again. This thread is made to discuss banrates on OSRS, which bot you were running when you got banned, or really anything that could help us understand and avoid bans while botting on OSRS.
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  2. I'm suicide botting OSRS, but only received 1 ban during that time.

    I'm running Celestial Hunter going on 60+ hours straight, P2P

    Exia Miner AIO going on about 30 hours straight, F2P

    MaxiWoodcutter going on around 28 hours straight, F2P

    PI Woodcutter, Banned after 4 hours running oaks by GE.
  3. perm banned 21/11/2015

    using massfighter in p2p :(
  4. Received a 2 day ban last night while using Pi Chopper.
  5. Looks like Pi Chopper should be used with caution.
  6. Used Alpha Agility, p2p on deadman for 4-6 hours at a time three times and got banned yesterday. I haven't checked but I'm assuming the DC and then account disabled means perma banned
  7. I was botting on cows using the fighter, training my str pure.My account was locked several times yesterday after 10 hours or so of botting and then finally perma banned yesterday for botting. Not safe to use currently.
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    I was using massfighter on cows near draynor after 10 hours was banned yesterday. Hope this helps.
  8. Could be a temporary one. You should check.
  9. I got perm banned using this one last week after 2-3 hours. Before the mass bans.
  10. alpha agility got me a ban as well
  11. Alpha agility got me ban 2. Because we all know that you can tell exactly which bot got you banned, it's the one you were last running, obviously.
  12. only one i ran on that acc so far so yh :p
  13. That doesn't prove that the ban was specifically the fault of that bot.
  14. you're right i spoke too soon
  15. Ayy I thought I was quitting but I guess not! Only a temp ban
  16. Dont bot on it lmao
  17. It's a worthless account so I don't really care... lol.
  18. Is this banwave affecting all OSRS botting clients or just Runemate? I have heard multiple people saying they have been banned just by playing on the client. Additionally, are ban rates higher on Old School servers in general? It seems that the banning issue seems to be more of an issue on OSRS.
  19. Old School has higher ban rates. Also, the issue is mainly directed towards rs3 because it was almost unheard of getting banned until now. Old School, on the other hand, has always had high ban rates.

    I was going to check if I got banned by playing legit on the client... went and nolifed Bloodborne DLC for 8 hours(@_@)
  20. i was banned for just playing on the client. i made an account on which i planned to woodcut, i completed tutorial island myself but on the client, i was banned before i could even make it all the way to varrock.....very weird

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