The Pi Team - Open Recruitment and Our Projects

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  1. The π Team

    Current members:
    • Baddest Man on Earth
    • Bertrand
    • Furor
    • Qosmiof2
    • Pruxis
    Current bots:
    • Pi Artisans – Smiths at the Artisans Workshop. The most popular way to train smithing in RS3!
    • Pi Chopper – A RS3/OSRS woodcutter with new locations added all the time
    • Pi Fighter – The most customizable fighter ever
    Planned Bots:
    • Pi Miner – Takes all the good things from F-5 Miner and then some
    • Pi Agility – Banking and Death Walking at every course
    Our Rules
    We have very loose rules. You don’t have to follow any framework, you don’t have to pass any tests and you don’t have to make the bots we tell you to. All we require is that your bots have optimal performance and basic foolproof code. Oh, and don’t leech our api and framework to people outside our team.

    Our Culture
    We do not have any appointed roles in our team. We believe you will openly share your code with other members. We require all members to be polite (and formal if you want to).

    Why should you join?
    • Full creative freedom (no restrictions except for optimal performance/fool-proofing your code)
    • Use the super sexy Pi Paint in your bots
    • Access to the aPi (The Pi Team’s API)
    • Become friends with some passionate RuneMate bot developers
    • Collaborate to make complex and large scale bots
    How do you join?
    • PM Supreme Leader your RuneMate Slack username along with a few sentences about why you want to join
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  2. Pi Fighter sounds mint, GL
  3. Oh god i want to make a logo for you guys soo much :D
  4. Maybe Pi Magic which would cover Superheating, Alching, Enchanting and Lunar Spells. Thoughts?
  5. When i get the time... i might apply :p
  6. Sure, don't have an account for Lunar yet though.
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  7. Here are the possible bots I could fix up and upload:

    Corrupted Seren Stones
    Butterfly Catcher
    Granite Miner
    Gem Miner
    Superglass Maker
    Ivy Chopper
    Mahogany Chopper
    Snake killer (~1m still?)
    Mud Rune Runner

    Upcoming: AIO Elf City
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  8. @Furor Something tells me you want to join.
  9. pls tell me AIO Elf City will include harps and tune them when they get to 20%

    @Hazard's only tunes when it goes completely out of tune and he appears to have stopped developing.
  10. Also a Pest Controll bot that supports:
    - afk after 5000 points (enough tor receive commendations)
    - spending the commendations if 1000 is reached.
    - with fast reaction (Alpha one is kind slow)

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