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  1. Hey guys, im new to RuneMate, been talking to cloud and he convinced me to script bot for RuneMate xD im guessing a few of you may of heard of me, I was a scripter at rsbuddy for a bit and then i got into the reverse engineering scene. Im also a web developer.

    The Pixie series, well i dont have to many script bot ideas and i will only be working with rs3.
    * Pixie Red Berry Collector -- RELEASED
    * Pixie Frost Dragon Killer -- STARTED[50%]
    * Pixie White Berries -- STARTED[15%]
    * Pixie Dungeoneering -- PLANNED
    * Pixie AIO Magic -- PLANNED


    If you want a script bot done, comment it below, would love suggestions.
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  2. Welcome to RuneMate my friend. Enjoy your stay :)
  3. Welcome man. Where did the series name come from?
  4. haha i call all my projects pixie xD everything i make generally 'assists' you in a way haha.
  5. @frazboyz - Welcome! After you are done making your FDK, make an AIO Thiever please :)
  6. I'm converting my thiever already :)
  7. Oh nice! :D
    @frazboyz - Maybe an AIO RuneCrafter after FDK? :p
  8. Welcome to the site, bud.
    Can't wait to see your work!
  9. Welcome to the forums, good luck on your ambitious projects!
  10. Ill definitely consider it :)
  11. How about an armoured zombie script bot? It could rely on legacy mode and make pretty decent XP/h.
  12. Yea, definitely consider it if its still good xp.
  13. Welcome to RuneMate! It's always great to see more scripters arrive! Good luck with your pixies! :p
  14. 80-100k xp/h
  15. Too be honest I wouldn't trust Runemate's interaction for combat. You need to be quick and concise in risk situations, I haven't seen that with basic tasks.
  16. Agreed. I don't have that much faith in clouse either
  17. Runemates interaction is like that to reduce banrates etc, i did see this when i was exploring the api, not sure if it works.

    Mouse.setPathGenerator(new Mouse.PathGenerator() {
    public boolean move(Interactable interactable, Filter<Point> pointFilter, double v) {
    return false;

    public void render(Graphics2D graphics2D) {

  18. It works just fine and makes it so that from then on out all movement related calls will be forwarded to your path generator instead, although of course I cannot advise people to do that because it adds another factor of detectability.
  19. Combat isn't a typical situation and in those occasions I do recommend raising the mouse speed slightly for better results, although the mouse is the way it is for a reason and modifying the speed or path generator in the slightest could result in detectability changes.

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