OSRS The weirdest thing just happend to me.

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by roflcopter19, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. So i tried to log back in on my oldschool runescape account, to do the 3 year event thing. However i had a authenticator on my account enabled. Odd, pretty sure i turned that off, oh well. So i disabled the authenticator and tried to log in.
    "Your account is already logged in" Meh, probably some bug.

    So the next day on school during break (had my laptop with me, IT ftw.) I was like let's try that again. Still logged in... Pretty sure that's not true. So i changed my password and logged in on the account. And guess what..


    So apparantly, someone hacked my account. That wasnt my authenticator... That was the hacker's. The password was still the same tho. So this guy was GOLDFARMING on my osrs account. Gained about a mil of STR xp, and had like a mil worth of dragon bones in my bank. (Was hoping for more oh well lel). He did sell some of my cheaper gear tho.

    Not chill. Could get banned, the idea that someone else retreived my account details is pretty messed up. HOW DID HE DO IT? Also, how can someone without email acces set up a authenticator on my account. Fix your shit Jagex. There was this RSPS i downloaded the other day... And i checked my MSconfig and it was there, in the startup. That was probably the virus. He didn't hack anything else as far as im aware.

    And i lived happily ever after.
  2. Why can't this happen to me?:(

    It actually happened in 2006. Ended up with all f2p quests completed + 1,2m cash... that was A LOT back in 06:eek:
  3. Something similar happend to me years ago. I was downloading gold generators lol, didn't really care about the keyloggers or my acc at the time. Got on my account years later and it had some nice gear on it.
  4. Google translator copy and paste.
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  5. Nice.
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  6. Do you still play osrs?
  7. Hardly. I enjoy F2p pking. In fact, I might just attempt some kills right now.
  8. Better than rs3 lol. Fagex ruined the game and the economy at the same time with invention. Fire runes for 180gp ea... dafok m8?
  9. I just made two kills, decided to do a 500k risk fight, and lost. Then logged out lol.
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