RS3 [Thieving] Phoenix feather stealer

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Sharky80, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. Hello. Would be awesome if someone could create a script bot that could steal feathers from desert phoenix. This ingredient is needed for super antifire potions. Making super antifire potions is very cheap herblore xp and you run out of pots really fast. Stealing feathers all day by yourself is very annoying :p .

    I dont think its hard to program a bot to spam click desert phoenix and when inv is full, just move to bank, deposit and repeat process.

    Could pay for this script bot up to 0.05$ per hour.
  2. p2p?
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    Yo bro, you can only steal one at a time if i am not wrong?
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    Nvm dumb question. If you have acc to lend i can do it. And does it require drinking water?
  3. Yes p2p.
    You can steal more than one at a time after you've done the quest.
    It's in the desert so it would require normal desert strategies :p

    Phoenix feather
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  4. Got ya :)

    Thank you sir!
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    Working on it. Will prob be done today. Hopefully it will be pushed
  5. All g, I made one a while ago to get feathers to make potions, but I deleted it once I was done xD
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