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  1. hey guys,

    I just wanted to let you know that i will be married on the 12th of september :D
    So think about me that day :D

    Here is the official document.
    So if you are dutch or can read dutch you will understand it :D


    I did cover up my adres and my wife her current adres :D
  2. Noice, im only 18 soooo im not so keen for atleast another 10 years xD
  3. I am 23 and Elise is 20 :D it does not mather how old you are :) if it feels good, then it feels good :D
  4. gz bro :D i want a piece of the wedding cake shipped UPS priority
  5. Who are having a big ice cake :p its too hot for regular cake hih
  6. lel ill take a ice cream
  7. Proficiat! :D
  8. Dankje :D
  9. Congraaaatulatiooons !

    Nice man, let you have happy and never ending marriage :)
  10. If you're rich then we know why she married you at that age ahahaha.

    Just jk, congratulations bro! May you have a beautiful life together forever.
  11. Gefeliciteerd! Maak dr een mooie dag van
  12. Gecondoleerd man ;)
  13. Proficiat!
  14. Parabéns!
  15. Português? XD

    And congrats dude, I hope it lasts forever :p
  16. You made it Kristiaan, congratulations. Hope you and your lovely lady enjoy the rest of your life together!
    -Hugs and kisses from Moscow :D
  17. Sim
  18. [​IMG]

    OT: Gefeliciteerd :)
  19. 12th sept is my birthday yaaaay
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  20. Then I will think about you 2! :) and Thanks guys

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9505 met Tapatalk

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