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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by RobotPleaseWork, May 29, 2016.

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  1. I installed different type on windows 10... Might not be compatible with my pc coz runescape is lagging like a bitch.

    So I have managed to inject the hack into the game now when I try to select the agility caurse it is faded out wont let me select it.

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    Post #9 by Party, May 29, 2016
  3. Hack? What hack?
  4. I have literally no idea what you are saying.
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  5. so I installed different windows 10 from Microsoft site. Now runescape keeps freezing up, I ignore this and check to see if runemate will work now.

    Now runemate works. I select the agility script bot it logs me in to runescape, I look at runemate at the agility script bot and the options to select agility course is faded out.
  6. Then that's a bot issue and should be reported to the author of the agility bot on the designated thread.

    Bot Support & Feedback
  7. like why am I the only one to have discovered this?
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    @Party the script bot is working and some of the faded out options are not faded out and I can now select barbarian course, For some reason I can not enter my desired level goal because that is faded out :S. Can't understand how the break handler works.
  8. Again, that is not a client issue, and you should ask in the Bot Support thread.

    As this has been identified as a non-client issue, I'm closing the thread. If you do discover any further bugs with the client please feel free to open a new thread in the Client & Site Support section :)
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