RS3 This is my skiller RS3.

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Oscar, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Yo guys, only beacuse people show their skillers i thought i would do the same ;)

    Also got 21m exp in fletching! ;)

    Any thoughts about it?
    Also any guides for fastest way for 99s with botting? Like best XP to bot. :)

    Im botting 24/7 and have been doing that in 1 month now. :)

    Send me a PM if you need any help/wanna help me out :)

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  2. Looking good! What are you planning to do with the hitpoints?
  3. Im planning to max it out later, and get the quest point cape and that stuff, its just a temporary " skiller " :p
  4. Looks sweet mate! Hope you get far ;)
  5. Thanks! :)
  6. Really nice, gl on your goals with it :D
  7. Thank you sir! :)
  8. With 99 mage and 16 hitpoints is that still considered a skiller?
  9. Ryza, Read Above thanks :)
  10. I always thought it was better to completely max out a skiller once its done. I see you are planning to do that ;)
  11. I Agree, Why just complete em, and after have nothing to do? :p Then why dont make CB, ALl Quests :)
  12. Looks awesome, bro. I'm working on one myself right now, I'm doing 99 WC & FM first.
  13. Keep it up Falixus, Im going for 99 FM and 99 WC after my 120 cape fletch :)
  14. Ok i see, it's a very nice account all the best :)
  15. Thank You. :)!
  16. What do you mean? In Crafting or in smithing? :p
  17. crafting of course
  18. I did molten glass - Unpowerd orbs.

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