this is so freaking stupid

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  1. Im bottinug 24/7 using ray nature runner on three diffrent account making over 300k nats a day. Now some kid says he is banned without any screens or w/e and it gets taken down. It's impossible to get banned if you baby sit your account for 5 hours a day jeez man.. I mean if 8 people use the script bot and two people get banned because they dunno what they are doing. Then you should not take down the script bot and don't think about the others...

    I really hope some one else is going to make a nature runner ASAP...

    Also thanks for letting me buy over 5m over pure ess over 5k rod etc just to take down the scrip without any notice. And the biggest thanks for letting me buy bond for over 500m thinking I can making it back in one week. :).
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  2. The problem was more that the Developer wasn't maintaining the script bot due to lack of time, rather than one person getting banned. It was probably by request of the Developer, and I can understand and respect his decision.
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  3. @richyyy I thought Phasecoder had his nat runner almost ready, he's just having some troubles to push it through his SVN.
  4. I was in chat when dis was decided, Arbiter said he'd rather have less bots than detectable bots. Raymond suggested to wait a week before taking it down but I convinced him it would be better to take it down right away before more people get banned.
  5. @PhaseCoder if you're still having troubles let me know, I've helped a few people with similar issues and I may be able to help you as well

  6. Ill take you up on the offer later to get my svn sorted.
    Yes I have the script bot with some vast improvements, and minimal anti-pattern, without drastically reducing speed/performance.

    Every 20-45 mins will, Keyboard H to skills and hover rc check exp, random camera movements like a bored human etc.
    Ill write a post later when I eventually get it in svn with changes etc.

    for now i am at work so later guys :)

    maybes if you are doing this, how many others are and thus why bans are happening?
  7. That kind of antipattern is kind of like playing with fire, but it is up to the dev :p
  8. @PhaseCoder maybe you could add an option to toggle the RC xp check on our off?
  9. Its the only thing I could think of without actually slowing the performance down, im open to ideas tho?
  10. Intrinsic antipattern is best antipattern imo, although some random actions could be nice. I haven't found the time lately to play around with them and find the best way to implement them xD
  11. Now i know why nats were going down the past few weeks, lol. Hopefully they rise since you won't have people botting 300k a day haha.
  12. Invest wisely
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  13. It's funny that you say we aren't thinking about "others," because that's exactly what we're doing. If we didn't care then we'd just leave it up to boost our numbers and let everyone get banned. We are preventing botters from getting so greedy that it leads ultimately to their demise. If you aren't happy with how we are curating (for free I may say) your experience with safety and quality in mind, then feel free to head over to our competitors. We'll see you back soon when you get banned for logging in to their client.
  14. #rekt

  15. So what if i were to re-release my version, would it be taken down?
    I was going to run this past you first, ?

    Yea reading that made me not want to re-release
  16. I'd suggest setting a limit. Those scripts bots aren't usually free for anyone to use since it crashes the prices.

    Perhaps wait for Premium I'd say.
  17. I have Ray's source, maybe I'll work on a revamp for it. Update the paint and GUI, some antiban, a bit more randomization, and probably a fix for the massive pouches since I could never get it to withdraw new ones. I've been too lazy to actually write a script bot from scratch (except working on a couple of hacks) but if @Raymondbl says it's ok, I could probably take over development.

    Edit, maybe I'd put a 5 hour per day limit on the script bot or something, that would be fun and hopefully protect the price of runes.

  18. Well this is what i have been working towards and come along way more or less re-wrote it.
    if you are going to piss on my parade then ill have to piss on yours and release mine free no restrictions
  19. Lol, whatever you want bro, I'm not competing, just having fun.

  20. its all good :)

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