This is what a real review and bug report looks like

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  1. This user only joined today so you guys have no excuse for not making reports as great as this.

    To top it off her review is also fantastic and i don't say that because it's 5 stars but because it's an actual review.

    Pasted image at 2016_09_19 04_31 PM.png

    You guys could learn a thing or two from this one. @riirichan Thanks for being a useful member of this community.
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  2. I'm new so got some things to learn haha, I know how much of a pain in the ass scripting can be so mad props to all of you guys!
    I haven't played RS since 2011 and my first account from OSRS (2005-2007) has disappeared into the oblivion so botting is helping me catch up to good things XD plus I can leave it whilst I'm at work :D
    Also I'm a she >u<)/
    Hopefully I can help in the future with any issues I may come across (y)
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  3. Maybe more girls in the scene is the answer.
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  4. BRING THE FEMALES *does magical female summoning dance*
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  6. Typical Aidden, assuming genders :^)
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  7. riirichan thats a good bug report. are you a girl by any chance?? riirichan is that a boys name? I am native English.
  8. clearly an apache helicopter
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  9. -chan is a feminine japanese honorific

    Plus they said they're a girl in their reply.
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  10. I sexually identify as a bug report.
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  11. I'm triggered
    I actually identify as a ball point pen
    Please don't assume my species
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    Your reviews and reports are good
    Don't let anyone tell you different bro
    And yes, maybe, possibly, yeah
  12. my goodnesss
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  13. Oh fucking hell.
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  14. tfw brozoned
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  15. tfw cringezoned nomsain

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  16. i edited my post
    Oh man this place is hilarious
  18. Robot obviously has something for ball point pens xD
  19. yeah you better did pal
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  20. Has nobody yet made the g.i.r.l. ref?

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