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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by janharmveenstra, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Boyzzz and girlzzz,

    I have a list to complete my account as a maxed skiller account. This list is a list of bots that runemate not has, or bots that are broken.

    Thieving bot.
    Construction bot.
    Mining bot (powermine granite ore with banking / runite ore with world hopping)
    Crafting bot
    Fletching bot
    Agility bot (support banking at any course)
    Farming bot (while waiting on herb run training an other skill)

    Sorry for my english XD
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  2. MaxiThiever works fine for me, got 1-50 thieving, alpha agility works good, u dont reeaaaally need banking u can easily last 5-10 hours without food.. rest i agree with 100%
  4. a skiller got lower health. so i can stay 2 hours maybe at wilderniss course. and thiever is way to long to 99 with maxi.
  5. The script bot has a good foundation but it really needs to be humanized, be able to bank with the loot and have more locations :(
  6. Man o man do i need a crafting bot, surprised it isnt more wanted with invention requiring it

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