OSRS 'Thoroughly' karambwan

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by wikte, May 22, 2016.

  1. Could someone make cooker that cooks 'Thoroughly' karambwan in OSRS?
  2. any requirements?
  3. Well I pref rogue den, i dont think anything else matters, tought i heard about 1 tick cooking that its very fast but prob it would have high ban rate...
  4. tai bwo wannai quest, talked to that girl that teaches u how to cook em thoroughly and 30 cooking i think. 65+ to not burn em?(not sure)
  5. ahh i don't have an account that's completed it :(
  6. oh u meant what need, well thats quests is a must, u can make in 30-60mins, but it just add 'Thoroughly' option so u have chance too cook it well,i have completed that quest today, could i somehow help?
  7. I need also a karambwan cooker! It is a good moneymaking method on OSRS, about 280k an hour
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    @awesome123man This is the option I mean, the option "Thoroughly" is the good one
  8. oh shoot, never seen it before :D
    What is the right click option to "cook-all" i need to see the exact spelling of it.
  9. I think it is "Cook all" without the "-"
  10. Ok, i have tried to add it, it will be in next update :p
    I have no idea if it will work though.
  11. Great job! I will do the quests required for it tomorrow and test the script bot also!
  12. Is there actually a bot fishing those thing ?
  13. There is no sense of fishing these as you get other fish etc. Better do a quest and buy those from the store

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