Those who spin flax

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  1. I know theres nothing to it, except 10 crafting and buying/spinning flax but ...

    Theres deff more to it & i need clarity.

    Memebership- how do you supply it for the acc? Does buying a bond and getting banned in 3 days actually break you off even, or with some profit?

    Hours botted? It is worth to do 5-9 hr shifts or strictly suicide it?

    How often do you trasnfer the strings??

    Whats the profit margin for every 1k flax to string atm
  2. Buy one bond to start off.
    Bot 6-10h a day, preferrably with a private bot if you can afford it.
    Transfer/supply items once a day.
    Just google the margin.. try to buy flax below mid price, and sell bowstrings above mid price.
  3. So don't use quve spinner??
  4. You could use it ofc, however, private bots usually reduces the ban rate by a lot.

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