Thoughts on Code Academy (Need your Input)

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by pureskiller28, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Hello I've been wanting to learn some coding lang. for awhile now some of the guys that I game with make aimbots and other type of bots for big fps games, few are into illegal things with coding/hacking. I've been told by many of them that I should start with Code Academy. I would like to learn how to make bots but i'm not into watching the video lessons and such. So if you have done any type of learning through Code Academy has it helped you in making bots or other type of neat hacks/programs?
  2. I've been using it to learn how to code.
  3. If the plan is to develop for a Runescape bot (most of which use Java), then Codecademy can't help you with that. Codecademy does not teach Java. Javascript bot is a completely different language.

    Check what languages are supported by Codecademy and what languages are needed by bots for which you want to develop. I found Codecademy's lessons in beginning HTML to be straightforward and helpful, although I started with w3schools.
  4. I would never advise w3schools aka w3fools to anyone.
  5. Yeah, I'm on the same boat. I don't like watching videos.
    Try it out, CA is great. I've been learning python and javascript with it.
  6. Code academy is a great place to start when learning about OOP - However, please be aware that you're not going to be able to spend an hour watching a video and suddenly be able to write the most complex bot of your life.

    There are some great resources online such as the series by John Purcell. You could also check out the course that is offered by the University of Helsinki.

    If you're stuck on project ideas check out codingbat or perhaps Project Euler which are both brilliant places to go if you want to find a fun and easy project or something a little more advanced later on.

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