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Discussion in 'Ironman' started by Almega1, Oct 31, 2015.

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    So I missed the initial opening ceremony, but all things considered.. Darkscape is shaping up to be an interesting new venture for me. So far I'm running 5-6 accounts, which I'll babysit during the periods that I'm awake to maximize profit and minimize loss, and at night I'll give the first string a break and let a bunch of throw aways chip away during the midnight hours.

    I definitely have been a bit scattered in regards to which skills are going to be the most effective (in terms of profit per hour) now vs. some time down the road. While it's never too wise to over estimate the longevity of ones bots, I tend to keep my mindset on what I'm going to do next. So, I've been aiming towards currently under utilized skills that, as the game progresses, will become more profitable. I've even found myself buying items that are literally worthless and unused for the most part as of right now, just because when the time is right, I'll hopefully still have that stashed hoard to make some quick cash later.. Again, a gamble to say the least but no risk no reward.

    What are your thoughts on leveling in darkscape? I've found myself leveling my main set just for appearance purposes, but with the open world pvp, it does make botting... more manual than its usual intent. I've found keep my sides level 3-10 has been working fairly well to deter pkers.. just how long will the ruse last considering i don't monitor that particular set of accounts. I also make an effort to include "skills" or "skilling" in my character names if i keep them low level to convince real players to rationalize my combat level with whatever higher tier skilling location I may be at.

    What are your thoughts on smuggling? Is it worth it to smuggle items to higher risk areas, or can this only be said for particular items for general areas. I really haven't ventured too far.. low-key, slow xp, and high item generation is my general game plan.. always has been. Bulk items like rune, shafts, feathers, energies, and etc though.. would it be ideal to move them or best marketed on the low risk ge?

    There is probably a lot more but I dont want this to be a tldr:; sort of thing... So I'll leave it at that. hope you guys can appreciate my uncontrollable ability to ramble. I'll try to keep it at a minmum.

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