Thoughts on joining the botting community?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm considering joining the botting community and I've read both good and bad things about RuneMate and RiD. As far as I'm aware, Spectre and Genesis are the two big ones that are coming into the picture. Which site would you recommend, based off past experience? (Unbiased, please) As far as release goes, it seems that Spectre will come out first. Does that seem true to the majority of you? Any other thoughts?

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  2. So you come to RuneMate forums in order to ask which one of Spectre or Genesis will be better, knowing that no one knows because they are not out yet?
  3. I'm not asking which will be better. I'm asking which community is better as far as past experiences have gone.
  4. I dunno about 'Big ones' I've been using epicbot for a while, seems very reliable despite the amount of people here that would say it isn't.
    As for spectre, i personally don't believe its even real untill I see it. I'll be happy to be proven wrong but i've seen this in the past... Bot gets detected and developers simply don't know why, won't admit to it or face that it is detected and then claims a 'new' 'ultimate' bot will be coming out in future in order to maintain customer base until they either fix it or to squease the last bit of juice from the orange....
    Maybe i'm wrong maybe i'm not, only time will tell us.

    If your serious about joining a botting community you would have just done it... Why post and ask questions about it? Just do it for yourself and see, or check youtube, read existing posts, check the shout box... theres no logic to your thought process in this thread.

    One thing to note though, Runemate is probably the ONLY bot that you can use good quality (premium comparable) scripts bots for unlimited time and not pay a single $, tho in some ways that makes it more dangerous IMO. Personally I believe in paying for private/premium scripts bots, not because they work better but because less people tend to use them. Take Epic bot Abyss bot for example compared with Runemates Hunter bot, Nearly every world is packed full of hunters yet the abyss (crafting wise) is practically empty on most worlds most of the time. Less players doing it = less suspicion IMO.

    Runemate is a good quality bot, the scripts bots are very good too however atm the ban rate with it is through the roof again...IMO.
  5. You're wrong. The time it took to tell you were was the time between your post time and mine.

    Spectre is real, Aidden has seen pictures as teaser, and we get pretty constant updates of progress in the developer chat.

    On top of that, bots aren't detected, the client is (pre-Spectre for future reference). We only write stuff, on a voluntary base. The fact that you complain about bots not being released when someone says they're working on it makes you an awful leech.

    OT: RuneMate has a nice community, but like every other community, there's a few rotten apples. :p
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  6. Firstly, I did not complain. I implore you to point out which part of my post you consider 'Complaint' i actualy emphasised multiple times that this is my opinion which i'm entitled to have, whether you agree with it or not does not make it complaining.
    Your obvious intentional mocking and incorrect paraphrasing is sad and that is all I have seen in this community tbh. subttlyet deliberate patronisation and insults whenever an opinion doesn't conform with your own. (by your i mean whoever is posting, not you personally)

    I have spent alot of money on Epicbot as the bot has proven to be reliable and the creators have proven to be active and helpful with my issues.. as apose to "Your a leech"... Runemate has yet to show me this however when/if it does i'll gladly hand over my money. Until then I will merely spectate and give judgment where i see fit. If you thin kthis is wrong then clearly you don't know how a community should run. The way you portray it in this post would suggest to me you expect some kind of dictatorship where everyone must be friendly and lie about their true opinions and feelings about events within the community.

    Don't mistake any part of my post as 'aggressive' or as a 'Complaint' as I have nothing to complain about, i haven't paid for anything or lost anything. My opinions are based on past events and my own knowledge in the many many botting community that came before this, If you think I'm the only person that has these opinions then you are mistaken. As I said in my previous post (which you chose to not paraphrase at all) I would be more than happy to be proved wrong.

    Either way, He asked for peoples opinions... I gave mine. <3
  7. Ah I get you now :)
    I have been part of plenty other botting communities, but none of them was as special as this one. I have been part of this since over a year and I like almost everyone around here.
    Also this characteristic called "cancerous", as you may have heard it, or may have experienced else where, never really occurs here lol.
  8. Can confirm. There are also teaser screenshots in the spectre thread iirc.
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  9. I fucking hate apples
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  10. I've seen it.
  11. enjoy your viruses free of charge by using Epicbot.
  12. Just thought i'd add that last i was informed, RuneMate isn't even profitable for arbiter and cloud. In fact, it was barely scraping in the funds to pay for the servers and stuff to keep us up and running. So there is no orange being juiced. I've seen spectre, i even have early access to the stylesheet that will be applied to all bot gui's so that i can test it out and give feedback to make it even more sexy.
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  13. You really are the biggest retard i've ever had the misfortune to communicate with sir.
    I know i've already told you this, but i really can't emphasize it enough.
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  14. RiD beta was delayed for over 2 years. Genesis itself will probably be released around summer, whereas I can't see RuneMate being delayed that much.
  15. Confirmes. When i installed epicbot 3 months ago i had to reinstall my whole system all over again, there were so many viruses, some russian addons were added to my browser (not my other programs, just by EpicBot, as i saw installed date), and the pc was so slow. Just had to reinstall, and from that moment i just use runemate and one other client, but tho RuneMate best rs3 bot.
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  16. EpicBot once had an admin who added a RAT to one of its versions hoping nobody would notice. Because of this, many chose not to trust EpicBot any longer. A quick google search will confirm this event.

    Also, please, if you and @vipertrek47 are going to bitch at east other, just pm each other or make a banter thread in casual.
  17. I'm aware of this, Arbiter was also one of the accused people to add this rat. yet you use his bot? Don't be so quick to believe bs on the internet. The person that added the rat has since long vanished into nothing, with his buckets of gold and money.
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  18. Oh mate, don't even start about Arbiter. I'm trying to view your posts as objective as possible you honestly make it so hard. Please stop saying shit. Literally shit.
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  19. .... I never said arbitur did the rat... i said he was accused which he was. Why you getting so emotional about everything I say? A simple google serch will validate what I said... All I was trying to point out is, just because some idiot on the internet says its true, doesn't mean it is.
  20. Because Arbiter obviously had no play in the whole account stealing thing, and yet you're bringing up his accusation and questioning the client he makes..............

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