Ironman Throwing a few bot ideas out there..

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Almega1, Nov 8, 2015.

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    Oct 25, 2015
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    People can make these for themselves or put them out to the public..

    - Potato Harvest Bot for Ard north bank

    - Darkscape Teleport macro bot for magic exp (you have to step and re-cast each cast, or.. actually teleport) Can be easily macro-ed with a free program, but an actual script bot with rune mate would be nice.

    - Sheep Shearer Bot

    - A falador bank and woodcutting option for the mini forest of dead trees found a little west of the falador agility shortcut on the west wall. This is close to a bank, and in combination with the special dwarven axe, you can get those amulet pieces. Mining iron or tin (found just south of the west wall agility exit) give you the stone. When you make the amulets complete, they sell for 345 at general stores. I can easily get 100-200 an hr complete amulets playing legit, which is a nice 34k-68k on top of your logs or ores.

    - Berry picker bot needs option to also pick cadava berries..

    - As semi-mentioned in a previous bot, having a "Dailies Bot" would be nice, although I understand the time involved to make it.. but.. since these are just ideas, the bot would run about 30-mins to 1 hr and would have a checklist of the dailies you want it to run based on your personal requirements and abilities, you'd choose the ones you want. Just being able to boot up all your accounts for a 1hr test run, and get that daily each gps is nice.

    - A Potion re-canter bot.. Ability to take potions in ones bank and convert 4 doses into 2's or put 1's and 3's together. Can be easily macro-ed but Im throwing it out there for convenience.

    - More to come.. these were just a few spur of the moment ones.

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