thruth about botnuke day any toughts ?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by unexist, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. its an interview with someone claiming to be an ex admin on powerbot
    he is stating that he gave all those emails of botters to jmods

    here is the vid

    any idea if this is legit ?
  2. saw returnofwild post this aswell, I wouldn't be surprised if it was real
  3. well we all know that all the admins are corrupt as fuck over there
  4. Some half-assed convo probably at 4 in the morning. Drunk confessions. hah
  5. was my first tought aswel xD most ppl are full of shit when they are drunk
  6. It went like: "Hey guys, I got black belt in jiu-jitsu, my uncle is the prime minister of Lichtenstein and I'm ex admin of powerbot.- tru story.....pass me that shit..."
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    Even the guy in the back fell asleep from all the bullshit xd
  7. Bullshit from start to finish.
  8. Why would the emails help Jagex catch botters? Or do people actually use the same email for botting sites as on runescape?
  9. there are many retards
  10. Yup!
    This guy is obviously lying, I can tell from the way he's acting.. lol
  11. We all know "THIS" type of people.
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  12. we ALL have that one friend :p
  13. topkek it's obviously fake. all of wildys vids are bullshit
  14. just wanted to know what other ppl's toughts are on this point
  15. Ok may be fake. But howdoes he know all that details?
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    If he was just drunk and lying i doubt he could tell all that...
  16. well idk he just said some things that everyone already kinda knew
  17. Lying is kinda artform.
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    And if it's true.... Jagex is the WITCH and best advice is: "Don't fuck with the witch, man. Don't fuck with the fuck'n witch!!!.....oh my fuck'n god!!!"
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  18. i think its BS

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