ThunderFighter 1.4.0

AIO Fighting script. Easily start killing monsters near you. Can last forever with regenerating!

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    ThunderFighter - AIO Fighting script bot. Easily start killing monsters near you. Can last forever with regenerating!

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  2. Congratulations on release! Looking forward to testing it out!
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  3. Looting doesn't seem to be working properly. Most of the time it won't loot then sometimes it will loot but also loot items that weren't selected to be looted.
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  4. Yes, i can also see this bug. This bug will be fixed on the next update (1.2.0).
  5. I couldn't find this in the "Bot store" area also does this work in old school?
  6. Currently this script bot does not work in OSRS (As it has functions like "Regenerating" which only works in RS3)

    BUT! This script bot will have OSRS support very soon as the main functions do work with osrs just fine but not enabled yet.
  7. Ok I'll be waiting! :)
  8. I started working on the OSRS implementation and the script bot should be OSRS compatible on the next update!

    Other features that will be added on next update:
    Potion support
    Burying support
    Better looting
    something else i forgot
  9. Hey Thunder.

    Awesome script bot so far! one thing i have seen which has an impact upon xp/hr, I'll find that the bot idles quite alot even though there is plenty of NPC's to fight all around me the bot will idle for a good 30 seconds - 1 minute. Is this intentional or?
  10. Yes, if the status says "Idling" it is intentional, otherwise it shouldn't be. Also current version is really buggy, i'm sorry; But this will be fixed on next update.
  11. I haven't seen anything telling me it's Idle xD - Currently it's idled now and it's telling me it's fighting, No worries though, Still getting over 100k xp/hr
  12. Idle is antiban tactic. You won't be so easily recognized as a bot user :)
    You should wait till the new version comes out so it works again.

    Where you train? :E
  13. Deadly red spiders in varrock sewers!
  14. Will try it out for sure soon ;)
  15. I click start, but it doesn't start. Happens since the new update...
  16. Yes, this is very unfortunate but seems like someone, something broke the script bot on the last update. It does work fine on the development version, so i hope it will work again on the next update.
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