Time Controlled Shutdown

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  1. i personally would love if i was able to start the bot and then click time ( 2 hours ) and then it shuts down after 2 hours.

    so i would be able to start the bot when i leave home even tho im gonna be gone for days i know the bot will shut down after the chosen time, there probably other ways to do this but im not that smart :p
  2. you run a .bat file with
    shutdown.exe /s /t (time in seconds without parenthesis)
  3. Scripters can easily implement thuis with a GUI
  4. This is a little tough to do with the client, because the client does not know if/when a bot is safe to be stopped. Take a combat bot for example. Forced shutdown could cause death and loss of items.
  5. If it were me, I would add another method in the script bot class that lets the developer decide what to do when shutdown is imminent. Maybe run away from monster or bank everything, etc...
  6. But its not up to you faggit. /wrists
  7. The problem with this is that any significant task would take many iterations and there's not an easy way to determine when it's ran enough times so you're really in a safe place. My only idea would be having it return a 'finished' boolean.

  8. Is there no way of killing the process from the task manager maybes? something along them lines?
  9. Of course we could, but that doesn't fix the problem of the account potentially being in a dangerous situation.
  10. P
    Perhaps basing that onFinish() on developer scripted booleans like....

    Time has past, not in combat etc

  11. Timer == setamount > logout > kill process

    set arguments like how you have for user n which cliient to download

    or maybe im way out my depth here
  12. There are a lot of situations where you can't log out for a set period of time. There are also situations where you can't simply wait until a set period of time has passed because your character could be killed.
  13. Any bot that has a safe spot to stop should implement an interface, Shutdownable, with the an abstract (or possibly a default) method, #canShutdown, returning a boolean when it is safe to shutdown.

    The client could detect upon compilation or something whether or not a bot's main class implements Shutdownable, and thus whether or not to give the user the option to do so.
  14. If I had to implement it today, this is almost exactly how I would do it. That being said, this involves having a global setting and interface for a feature no bots currently can use and very few ever will most likely (because devs can be quite lazy).
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  15. Yea i was thinking along the same sort lines, and it would be up to the Scripter/ what type script bot it is weather to call this
  16. I'd implement this in my scripts bots ;)
  17. This is something I feel would be very handy. Especially if you bot away from your keyboard.

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