RS3 Time to gold farm

Discussion in 'General' started by WYD, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. I just my CPU water cooler for my AMD FX 8320 @3.5GHZ.
    CPU stuck to Heat-sink before forgot to take a pic sorry.
    I'm getting 20c-40c,68f-104f, before without water cooler was 40c-70c,104f-158f
    with 7 runescape 3 accounts
    My water cooler is a 'maelstrom 120k AIO liquid cooler" Was just $85 AUD

  2. 16gb ram or nah? cuz ull need it with runemate client atm :p

    i know i know, arbiter and cloud are looking at it
  3. I do not use runemate.
  4. so basically u invested in a new processor with watercooler? :p
    cuz i think thats quite an old graphic card too :p
  5. 2GB GDDR 5 This is just my botting PC.
  6. You'll never use that amount of VRAM with a card like that.
  7. not only that, i think it doesnt have enough GHz to support like 2-3+ bots lmao, eventhough ur only goldfarming which requires a good processor, u also need to handle the graphics of runescape (how shitty they are, just an opinion bois)
  8. This just my botting pc lols

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