Tips on not getting banned?

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  1. 1) I'm new to this, hoping for a set of rules to always follow to ensure never getting banned.
    2) Also, I'm curious If I will be banned if I get reported from a bystander even though my bot wasn't glitching.
  2. 1)
    • Don't bot for 5+ Hours every day.
    • Make sure to talk sometimes when talked to.
    • Switch up what you are botting regularly.
    • Don't post pictures of your bot on threads/chats with username.
    • Do quests legit and other skilling.
    Yes, you will still get banned if reported, even when a bot isn't glitching. Just because the bot isn't glitching doesn't mean that Jagex cannot tell that you are botting. Although the chances of being banned are much greater if the bot you are using is glitching and is clearly a bot.

    Good Luck!

    A recommendation is to check the bot store and finding the newly updated bots, and many bots are not compatible, or are much slower with the new runemate spectre release. :D
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  3. In future please take the initiative and assume that on a botting website there is likely already posts about this.

    How to bot safely

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  4. 1) Depends on the skill you're botting. If it's a bankstanding skill, then just bot in a crowded world. Don't bot like crazy doe; apply some common sense to the botting and you'll be totally fine.

    2) You might get banned... reports aren't 100% certain bans.
  5. I think the best advice is to quest and to bot different things. I try to play a botter the same way I would play a legit character. That is, I would want to work on one skill for a while then do another. I'm not going to make a new character and only wc for three days straight. Just get a few scripts bots and choose 3-4 skills you want to eventually max and slowly start working towards them all at once. I try to watch my bot when it runs. That way I can pause it to do small things like GE runs and quests.

    I've yet to be banned botting this way, and I'm usually botting for ~8hrs a day or more depending on the day. Just don't bot solely one thing!

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