Tips to get to bond?

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  1. So ive seen everyone say "oh just make new accounts and bot clay on osrs and youll have a bond in a few hours. But ive its obvious as hell to bot clay and asking for a ban. just looking for some tips to get a bond within 14 days. so i could self sustain my mains members. any help appreciated.
  2. cowhide tanning/flax spinning

    been running a flax spinner for 3 days straight and still not banned.
  3. do you run it 24/7? id need to f2p options until i could afford bond
  4. goldfarm on 2 accounts if a free user
    collect cowhide or something idk
  5. u can literally google: Bond in 1 day osrs/rs3
    there are many vids where ppl buy items from stores/sell to g.e etc. for 10 hours, just to get a bond
  6. Id say just make sure you do your buyables from shops as much as possible, and it depends what methods if you wanna bot rs3 or osrs
  7. Dance for money pls
  8. Vouch for this method, worked for me yesterday.
  9. It's actually better if you beg money the smart way like asking a rich guy: "bro, can you please give me 1k? I'm too poor to afford iron armour." Either he's gonna give you 1k, 10k or 100k, or he'll hand you full iron. The trick is to ask for a small amount ;)
  10. Get a job, and buy pre pids
  11. [​IMG]

    To get Bond, you must be an attractive female that is A) In distress. B) Tries to betray him.
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