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  1. Getting 99 fishing with my own script bot. QFisher. Atm it catches one fish (no xp easte ahah) but working on a GUI and Paint so it will be released soon :)

    ATM progress: 71 fishing.


    72 Fishing
    73 now i have to go and catch shrimps becaue no money for feathers haha. Ill transfer them from other accs and ill transfer money too

    74 Fishing


    75 Fishing
    76 Fishing (Paint upgraded) (Now it has K, M(lol))
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  2. Good luck! :)
  3. Thanks :)
  4. Post pictures! :)
  5. I will :)
  6. Ewwwwww, EoC... Lol

    Nice picture :)
  7. You thought osrs? i will make one for that too haha
  8. Nooo, Legacy mode all the way for me atm - taking a break from OSRS.

    OSRS Fisher is very welcome too, though :D
  9. I am botting on EOC because exp rate is faster haha (action bar dropping)
  10. It's looking sexy.
    Best of luck.
  11. Thanks. It would be faster/more xp but i will need a bond haha i have enough money so ill probabbly buy it soon
  12. Earn it with your fishes ;)
  13. I have enough money for bond haha. But idk if its worth it :/
  14. 76 atm! I didnt bot because i paused botting so its more safe.
  15. Paint updated.

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  16. 77 Fishing !!!
  17. 78 Fishing!

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