To ALL people who are saying clouse is "fucky" or some shit

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  1. I have nothing against you.

    But when you say so
    metimes the delays between two actions are a bit too long.

    First of all: if you sit and watch it, it will look like its taking forever (yes our minds do that to us)

    Second: Think of it a bit more playerlike. I am playing for 30 minutes now. I think i should check fb or get something to drink maybe call my gf.

    Yes, it makes perfect sense. Dont watch if clouse is fast. It was not build for that. Bot is safe because of custom patterns and timings.

    Just STOP complaining on clouse and stop watching its actions.

    If you do: take a timer and stopwatch the actions. You will see that it is much less than you thought it would be. and because afterall its just clouse, we make our own antiban patterns that make it even more player like. Pauses between gameplay, logging out to lobby (not on pourpose")....

    Just stahp pls
  2. 10/10 thread
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  3. 0/10 thread

    You missed the point. It's not the speed (well a bit but that's not my main concern) but the patterns it makes. It moves to the top of the screen and down again a couple of times to click an item in the center of your screen. It makes stair like patterns to your next interaction point. It sometimes just twirls around and takes ages to arrive at the target it needs to click/hover.
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  4. Those stair-like patterns makes sense... if you suffer from hand tremors that is.
  5. But you should not look it that way. Did you ever play legit? Did you grind for hours and hours the same exact point movements? or did you change youtube music, go to fb, check news etc??? (this are all actions that do change everything...)
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    Wrong. Just wrong. Do you think outside the box? (rs window)?
  6. If you feel that mouse movements are problematic please report it in the client support section, including a link to your biometric files and exact details of the problem in question. That being said, often perceived to be undesirable mouse behaviors are in practice desirable, with the purpose of creating a unique profile for each person. There hasn't been a thread created yet to define what are and what are not desired behaviors so confusion and outlash on the forum is to be expected, but administration can not know that it is a problem unless you post relevant information to the client support section.
  7. Check my thread >_>
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    What do they change? Why does looking at YouTube videos change mouse behavior in any way? It only will go off screen, that's it.

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