Resolved To test new (or updated) code, must I re-launch RuneMate each time?

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by paulsniper19, Sep 9, 2015.

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  3. Not always, but in many cases. Make sure you run the bot in debug mode.
  4. okay thanks :)
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    So if I just want to change the ID of something, I have to re-launch the application correct? It's not like in Android Dev where it'll keep the emulator running, and just push the code to the app when I click "Play"?

    The reason I ask is because well...
    1) It's pretty annoying to have to re-launch each time you change a small piece of code.
    2) It kinda looks bad when your account keeps logging in and out so often.
  5. No you don't have to restart RuneMate every time. Just make sure your code is recompiled (presumably through your IDE) and hit the Refresh button in the bot selection dialog in the client.
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  6. Okay thanks...I got it :)
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