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  1. When there are too many people in one tile Runemate gets confused. A great example of this is using portables, or trying to bank at world 3 Combat Academy. I'm not quite sure why it gets stuck, but it just hovers over what it needs to click, seemingly confused. Also, this bug has been around since before spectre. If someone could fix it in the client that would be excellent! thanks!
  2. Doesn't have to do with people on tiles but rather the Menu having collapsed (nested) MenuItems. It's low priority considering how uncommon it is, but a fix would definitely be nice. @Vaped
  3. a fix would be amazing. sometimes portables bots are unuseable because of this. even if the object is able to be left clicked it still gets confuse :/ i can attatch gifs or w/e if needed.
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    bump. The supporter portable bots are broken because of this. in Alex's you cant put down portables and Alpha portables has it disabled. Just went all night and here is the log, in case your confused the whole spam of "opening bank" is runemate hovering like a down syndrome. please fix this @Vaped

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  4. Technically the Bot Author can mitigate this issue by intelligently rotating the camera to avoid attempting to interact with the bank through a large number of Players.
  5. lmao thats the same idea i sent cloud like an hour ago on how to fix the issue.
  6. That's not an appropriate fix on the client-side.
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  7. Contact Bot Author.
  8. Its already been done. Its also in every single portables bot.
  9. Done as: contacted or fixed
  10. contacted the bot authors
  11. Its up to them now. Not arbiter nor cloud atm. As they have other work.

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