Resolved TOR blocked from update server.

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  1. So I use TOR for my proxies and it works quite well, never had an ip flagged. I would be happy to produce a tutorial on how to setup a tor proxy for bots, but I can't seem to get it working on your end. I use proxies in the same manner on other clients with success and never had any problems with TOR and rs itself, just clients with their update and bot repo servers.
    Not a single ip I've tried from tor has been able to launch this client, always giving me the error it can't reach the update server, at least in other clients it would just stop loading the repo bots or just not load the client until I restarted TOR for a new IP.

    Anyway I launch it from a .bat I've used -DsocksProxyHost= -DsocksProxyPort=9050 and I have used the built in -proxy= and the in-client config under login. All produced the same error of not being able to connect. Yet when opening another client with the same IP and Port it connects and loads RS just fine with a proxied IP.

    So would you guys unblock TOR from your update and repo servers, and supply a way to view which IP is being used when launching?

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  2. I've notified the programmers about your issue ;)
    @Arbiter @Cloud

    Also... CloudFlare blocks TOR by default. [We use that on our site, not sure about the client tho]
    More info @ Does CloudFlare block Tor?
    Let's see what the programmers have to say tho :D
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  3. Our servers really don't like tor. I tried natively integrating it into the client back in March and there was a plethora of issues.
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  4. not true, if u bypass the proxy with another program it work, the problem is the command line
  5. I have the same issue when using most proxies. Cannot reach update server check firewall
  6. @alkimista Can you explain further?

    @Cloud Will we be seeing a revisit in spectre? Most modern services have tor support so it cant be that unwell documented or hard to integrate. I would have your update and repo server separate from the webserver. That way only repo and update connections can come through tor and those are handled by your code anyway. Alternatively you dont wrap the update and repo grabbing in the proxy.

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