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  1. Hey, I've noticed that there are alot of Bots at Toroths so I did some research and it turns out that the bots make anywhere from 1 - 2M an hour from Pure cash drops & rune/addy drops.

    These bots Don't need much, just 55 slayer, and a min of 60 attack / def / strength.

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to Write a script bot for these?

    What it should do:
    Start in fremminik slayer cave
    Kill toroths for Pure cash / Rune items / other
    Have an option to Alch drop
    Eat when nessacary

    Thanks, anyone up for it?

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  2. I think @Party can do it too
  3. :')

    pls stop derailing genuine bot requests

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  4. Can you add alching and killing zulrah for antiban?
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  5. Bump Need this >>
  6. +1 would definately be using this bot if it ever released
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  7. Daily bump
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