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  1. so if I run my runemate via sandboxie, and use a proxy. is there any way for jagex to track if my bots are associated with my main? (im not trading my bots) im asking computer wise.
  2. If you correctly use a proxy service and make sure you don't use linked social networking or email accounts when registering your Runescape accounts, you will remain totally anonymous. It's all about using your Proxy service correctly and being vigilant enough to never accidentally connect without your proxy service enabled.
  3. I don't think this will lead to associating your bot with your main account, but I would also be carefull with the jagex cache, make your bot use another cache as your rs client which you use to play on your main.
  4. Before making a new bot I go into system folders and delete Jagex Cache


    Just try them all untill you find one that works and delete the main folder.

    Does it work? I really don't know but I do know it keeps some account information like graphics settings. If your willing to go that far to keep your main safe it wouldn't hurt to try this either.

    Just keep your IP's straight and if you make the mistake of logging into a IP that you bot on or accidentally connect a bot to your home network discard it. However this is the super paranoid method.
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