OSRS Trading GP for RuneMate Money/Credits

Discussion in 'General Market' started by TacticalMan, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Ok so I'm kinda new to this and I want to use a bot that is $.05/hr and I'm assuming I need these credits to do this right? Or I can't and I actually need the money.
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    But yea if I can I'm selling OSRS GP for credits.
  2. You can find people in General Market offering to trade RuneMate credit for RSGP, such as Factionless. Also RSMalls.com offers the same service. You can navigate via the banner ad on the top of the forums and join their live chat to set it up.
  3. Wow I got an executive to answer thats pretty cool. Also, Thanks! :D
  4. Haha I try to help out when I can. Good luck getting those RuneMate credits. :)
  5. Just to confirm, RuneMate Credits will allow me to use the bots that are $.05/hr correct? Or do I need to put cash on my RuneMate account?
  6. Correct. They can be purchased or transferred.
  7. hello TacticalMan, i can sell you runemate credits, you can pay me usd ,or give RSGP ,pls talk on live chat of rsmalls.com ,thanks
  8. I would but you guys don't offer like $1 packs so tomorrow I'll farm more gold I guess and do the $5 but thanks.

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