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  1. Just got into scripting. I've got experience in programming (Microsoft .NET, C++, C#, HTML, PHP), video editing, graphic design, music production, photography, logic, you name it...

    I'm wanting to learn more about scripting, and I feel like this website is the best and only place to start.

    Anyways yeah, hey.
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  2. Welcome to RuneMate.
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  3. Welcome to the site.
    It's great you've chosen RuneMate as your starting point in scripting. :)
    Don't hesitate to contact me.
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  4. Welcome to RuneMate Traitor. Good to see people in this world still have logic :cool:
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  5. Thanks you guys! I'll definitely keep that in mind, I was up till 12 reading the documentation, and the API seems a lot less complicated than most.
  6. This is due to the fact that we are using lightweight reflection. Usually people don't like reflection due to the fact that it's very bulky but we've made it with efficiency from the ground up.
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  7. That's what I've heard, and I really like this concept.
    I see a lot of potential here, and I mean a LOT. So needless to say I see this as a perfect opportunity to learn more about Java, and since this is a growing community, a broad amount of good ideas and learning potential is here. I've seen other websites like PowerBot and none of them are as organized and lightweight like this.
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  8. Welcome here! Hope to see your scripts bots in action soon :)

    If you need anything or have any questions; feel free to leave me a message or add my Skype!
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  9. And to that, welcome to Runemate ;)
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  10. Sure! I just created a Skype for instant messaging so I'll add ya. What's your username?
  11. It's on my profile ;)
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  12. Just thought I should make a suggestion to ya :D You should make a Runecrafting script bot :p
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  13. Okay sure thing! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep on learning more and see what I can come up with! :)
  14. Start by making something like a powerminer :) Or an Ess miner or something
  15. A Powerminer actually sounds pretty easy, and I could probably come up with one if I worked hard enough on it. It seems pretty standalone and something easy to start out with, then I could gradually move upwards and whatnot

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