Question (Trash Post) Like The Signature?

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Echolocke, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Opinions?
  2. Looks good, I like it. :)
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  3. Centered it, thanks for the inspiration ;P
  4. As far as graphic design goes, it's pretty horrible, but for 10 seconds on google, none to shabby.
    (I used a premade set of selections on a website to make it)
  5. makes me wonder if people would be willing to pay for signatures. I can do GFX all day for the right price
  6. Simple, but clever:)
  7. [​IMG]
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    I give @Echolocke rights to use, alter, and/or distribute the image I've made for him here.
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    Step one: make an image 680x250

    Step two: find a picture off of google images

    Step three: Fit picture inside the 680x250 image

    Step four: Get rid of the text

    Step five: Find a font that the customer paying for the signature likes and apply the text to the photo.
    In this case I'm using the font "Ethnocentric" and for the text I'm using "Insomniac"

    Step six: Touch ups and finalization.
    Here is where I would add any effects to the signature but I'll stick with a simple bow/ribbon in the top left corner.
    (Here's the one I use for obvious reasons. You just need to turn the brightness and satiation down making it black)

    Step seven: Profit $$$
    Tell your clients that this is "such hard and demanding work" so they feel obligated to pay for 5$-25$ for something so simple :p
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  8. Actually 4$ for wallpaper + sig. Just so you know, I gave him the pic for sig.

    Why u so salty m8?
  9. Sorry if it came off as salt, just trying to inform that there is people willing to do it for very cheap if not free depending on what is being asked for.
  10. There are a lot of people doing stuff like this for free on other forums. However, I just happened to like this guy's style, and paid him for like 6-8 different WP/sig. I do know that high costs doesn't necessarily equate good quality, as a free work can be way better than a 10$ one.
  11. The hard part of ps imo, is professional logo design at the top level.
  12. By the way what did you think of the signature I made for you? I used inspiration from your profile so they would match
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  13. Answer: It's alright, not a fan personally, I prefer more simplistic style.

    Honest Answer: U wot m8? Looks like garbage. 8 Yearold sister could make a better one with crayons. Cept I have no 8 yer old sis m8
  14. Cannot tell if sarcasm or not after seeing what you called a "signature"
  15. Was sarcasm, the first answer is my reply, not personally a fan, but it's definitely not bad. I like your minecraftesque theme btw.
  16. I was going for more of a pixelated look since oldschool runescape was iconic for it's pixely graphics that everyone either loves or hates :p
  17. I have been doing freelance GFX for years now, and if its your first sig, then its decent :)
    PS has a learning curve that nevers stops :)

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