RS3 Treasure Hunter rare item thread

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  1. Post the really rare items you've gotten from Treasure Hunter. So basically...
  2. tl;dr this guy made 500k in a split second.

    I once got Lucky BGS but just took the coins instead.
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  3. I didn't cash out though. I wanted it as a token of my luck. I've gotten Zammy spear, Sgs and Acc from Treasure Hunter although I don't have screenshots of em all. Also, 500k in EoC ain't jack anyways.
  4. lucky AGS, Lucky subj hood, Lucky bandos chestplate, etc, etc.

    full ramokee, had 1 set of shark in 8-10 spins (also quite lucky if i compare to others)

    but yea.. idunno, lucky items are shit tbh, but they're cool to have banked
  5. I used 600 spins and only got a sgs... and 900k bonus xp in slayer and 300k in farming.
  6. i use all my stars @ farming, i think i got over 1m exp in bonus exp for farming lmao, close to 99, maybe thats why :$
  7. [​IMG]

    Still using it a lot, was really helpfull at the time.
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  8. i hate it that i have to activate the passive in sara gwd.. makes no sense -.-
  9. What passive?
    Nice one!
  10. the 25% chance of healing 3% of ur maximum hp, thats the passive right?, u have to activate it in the GWD if im correct.. by using the gs on the altar of saradomin.

    in legacy its just the special attack tho.
  11. Got a skull pet like 3 days ago. Lol.
  12. my banned main had lucky bcp and lucky acp, a friend of mine got lucky arcane on his level 3 skiller
  13. Probably a new update that I've missed or something then.
    Haven't seen anyone with that pet:eek:
    Sucks man:/
  14. too bad that u cant wear lucky spirit shields as a skiller -.-
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  15. i know right, i think he dropped it a month later, im pretty sure his video was uploaded to chrisarchie or sparcmacs channel

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